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Understanding Homelessness - Voices and Faces

"Our lives were filled with benches," shared Ben, an 18-year-old homeless youth as he showed me where he sat to reflect on the impressive accomplishment of earning his diploma while living on the streets of Anytown USA. He welcomed the opportunity to share his plight and his successes on film, with great hopes that people would care about and help homeless children and youth.

HEAR US, a unique national nonprofit venture, offers homelessness experts like Ben and so many others the unique opportunity to be heard. Why is that important? Because their future depends on our nation's ability to respond to this ever-growing disintegration of childhood and family lives.

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Their powerful images and poignant portrayals of lives without childhood homes convey a sense of urgency and inspire compassion far beyond the mostardent non-homeless advocate.

My Own Four Walls, the unique documentary featuring these articulate accounts of homelessness, is now available.

Over 1.6 million homeless children and youth live on streets of America's small towns, rural areas, resort communities, mid-sized cities and urban areas. They experience devastation-their childhood, their educational opportunities, and their chances for success-yet many of these young people can succeed given the help to survive, strive and thrive.


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